I will admit to being rather an erratic writer, but on average I do hope to have at least one post a week out. So… four times a month give or take. Some posts take me days to structure and type, even with pre-drafting.

Keep an eye on anything in the LGBT category… as maturity is advised, as is mentioned in the site layout. Also, experiences provided by any of the characters within this category are as fictitious as the people themselves. In fact… Just be cautious of the whole site. I don’t advise anyone younger than the age of consent reading anything I put up. And while what I write isn’t pornography it could still be listed as erotica. While it isn’t every post, elements of it is there.

What I write depends on my mood and trends. For example – The Hawk and The Shamrock only began because I’d hit a rough personal patch and I didn’t feel I could trust myself with writing another part of the Blue Arrow, be it a side installment or part of the main story.

I do try and provide information posts about each theme or storyline, sometimes there will be notes on the bottom of the instalments. For example – Eternal Stranger.  Some do get abandoned I will admit, but I do keep them in the back of my mind to continue at a later date. I do intend to finish any stories I do start, even if they do end in summary fashion.

If enough requests for a paused storyline to come back, I will look into seeing what I can do to get the storyline as a priority again.

Though, those of you that do pay attention will start to see that a lot of stories do take place in the same world. Just different times, I’ll leave you to wrap your heads around that one. Note – different dimensions do count as the same world.

Ongoing storylines include-

Not so Imaginary After All

This one’s a complicated one to explain as it’s had many a different incarnation. I did intend on having it as a webcomic back in the day… but then I realised how weak it was as a story, a mistaken identity leading to love *puke*. I rewrote it and then… rewrote the backstory… and I’ve rewritten parts of it again, only to create a character I am very fond of – Kearlynne. Posts for this storyline are infrequent, but I am working on it here and there in various ways. The main story might never be written as I intended it, so… I have skipped forward a hell of a lot and well, spoilers, Imaginary dies. Kearlynne is left to fend without him, leading to the next part of the story. Haydawn’s. There are a couple of alternate universe chapters to look out for as well!

The Blue Arrow-

Keyah Wrenfield and his alternate ego take to the streets with one heck of a learning curve. After all he almost loses his life in the early days of his vigilante career. He learns to carry on, juggling olympic dreams and a teenage boyfriend, how much can go wrong? Plenty. Something has to give, and it’s sure as hell not his night job.

(And it’s side stories – focussing on Shiva Wrenfield and Abraham Arkham, and the odd chapter that deals with Keyah’s students.)

Byzantine –

The Hawk and The Shamrock- Chatan Chitay and Trey Watson make for odd friends at a glance, a Californian Native American and an Irish Englishman. Follow their experiences as they learn about one another and open a bar together.

Horseless- Riley was a fool to go into the mountains with his friends, he was overweight and under exercised. Of course he was the one to break the tree bridge and fall to his death… Or so everyone thought anyway. Adopting the name Kusinut (horseless) he lives on, alongside the man that is hopelessly in love with him. The one that saved his life.

Raven’s Tales-

Raven’s take on several fairy tales, have fun guessing which one he’s chosen to take on for each story! Pipe in hand he intends to illustrate new ways of seeing the stories we’ve heard so many times.


You're very welcome to leave a comment, good or bad I will read everything. That way I hope to become a better writer, I can only develop and grow with feedback.

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